Native Studies (NATI) - Native Spirituality and Religions

NATI 3005  Native Spirituality and Religions


NATI 1005


Three hours of lecture per week.




This course will explore the spiritual and religious beliefs and practices of Natives of the Americas, and particularly in Canada and the United States. Native cultures exhibit certain commonalities from a global perspective, but it is recognized that there are hundreds of Native cultures with distinctive viewpoints and belief systems. Special emphasis will be placed upon the examination of major rituals and ceremonies of various Native societies from across a wide spectrum, in order to develop clearer insights into the actual beliefs of the peoples. It is in their sacred spaces and events that the values and truths of Native people are continuously enacted. Their spirituality is seen as the very basis for their existence, and is therefore a key to the understanding and appreciation of other aspects of Native cultures. Students who have not completed NATI 1005 may request permission of the instructor to take NATI 3005. This course may be credited towards Anthropology and Religions and Cultures.

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