Honours Specialization

Honours Specialization in English Studies

Graduation Requirements:

In addition to the program requirements listed below, students must also satisfy the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree requirements, which include regulations on first year and subject maximum and breadth requirements.

Program Requirements:

Students will need to achieve a minimum 70% average in the 60 credits presented for the Honours Specialization in English Studies.

Students must complete the required three credits of introductory English Studies with a minimum grade of 60%.

Students must complete 120 credits including 60 credits in the Honours Specialization as follows:
ENGL 1000 level 3 cr.
ENGL Literary Foundations 9 cr.
ENGL Innovation and Action 9 cr.
ENGL 33 cr.
ENGL Honours Seminars 6 cr.

Breadth Requirements and Electives:

ACAD 1601   3 cr.
Social Science and/or Professional Studies 6 cr.
Science   6 cr.
Electives   45 cr.


Students are limited to a maximum of 6 credits of English Studies Topics courses at the 1000 level.

An average of at least 70% in the subject is required for enrolment in 4000 level courses.

A maximum of 30 credits at the 2000 level may be applied to the Honours Specialization.

A maximum of 6 credits of 1 credit ENGL courses may count towards the Honours Specialization.

A maximum of 6 credits of cross-listed courses may count toward an English Studies Honours Specialization.

Honours Seminars cannot be counted towards the Literary History requirements.

Group Requirements:

 Literary Foundations

ENGL 2256 Early Canadian Literature  
ENGL 2257 Contemporary Canadian Literature  
ENGL 2446 Children's Literature Before 1914  
ENGL 2447 Children's Literature After 1914  
ENGL 2536 Shakespeare Before 1600  
ENGL 2537 Shakespeare After 1600  
ENGL 2717 Here Be Dragons? Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Literature in Translation  
ENGL 3096 Bawdy Politics: Writing the Restoration  
ENGL 3097 Vice and Folly: The Age of Satire, 1660-1730  
ENGL 3176 Falling Apart: British Literature 1900-1950  
ENGL 3177 Contemporary British Literature, 1950 and Beyond  
ENGL 3196 Dangerous Liaisons: The 18th Century Novel  
ENGL 3246 Desire and Identity in Early Modern Literature  
ENGL 3247 Transgressing Boundaries in Early Modern Literature  
ENGL 3346 The Romantics  
ENGL 3347 The Victorians  

Innovation and Action

ENGL 2026 Scary Monsters and Super Creeps  
ENGL 2077 Graphic Novels  
ENGL 2366  Pygmalion Remix  
ENGL 2616 Topics in Visual Storytelling  
ENGL 2626 Topics in Speculative Fiction  
ENGL 2716 Magic Realism  
ENGL 2816 Illness, Death, and Dying on Stage  
ENGL 3036 Topics in Media Studies  
ENGL 3086 Disney and the Fairy Tale  
ENGL 3146 Topics in Postcolonial Literature  
ENGL 3217 Topics in Literature, Culture, and Sexuality  
ENGL 3276 Indigenous Literatures of North America  
ENGL 3277 Topics in the Indigenous Literatures of North America  
ENGL 3446 The Picture Book in Performance and Pedagogy  
ENGL 3617 Topics in Popular Fiction  
ENGL 3646 Reading Green  

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