Bachelor of Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work

Graduation Requirements:

In addition to the program requirements listed below students must also satisfy the Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) degree requirements, including regulations on first year and subject maximum and breadth requirements. Please refer to the Degree Requirement section for further information.

Program Requirements:

Students must complete 120 credits as follows:

Year One:

SWLF 1006 Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Development 3 cr.
SWRK 1007 Introduction to Social Work 3 cr.
*Humanities   6 cr.
Science   6 cr.
Electives   12 cr.

*It is recommended that students include ACAD 1601 in their first 30 Nipissing credits. ACAD 1601 will count towards three credits of the Humanities requirement.

Year Two:

During the second year of the Bachelor of Social Work program, students must apply for admission consideration to the professional years. Admission to the first or second year of the Bachelor of Social Work program does not guarantee acceptance into the professional years. For further information please contact the Admissions Office at

It is recommended students consult the Academic Advising office for course selection for both year one and year two in the BSW degree program.

SWRK 2006 Foundations of Social Work Practice 3 cr.
SWRK 2106 Critical Social Policy for Social Work 3 cr.
Electives   24 cr.

Year Three (Professional Years)

SWRK 3106 Social Work as a Transformative Practice 3 cr.
SWRK 3216 Social Work Professional Skills Development 3 cr.
SWRK 3316 Structural and Interpersonal Violence 3 cr.
SWRK 3305 Individual Practice Across the Life Span 6 cr.
SWRK 3406 Aboriginal Communities and the Metis Nation 3 cr.
SWRK 3506 Anti-Oppression Theorizing 3 cr.
SWRK 3806 Community Practice in Northern, Rural and Remote Communities 3 cr.
SWRK 3505 Field Practicum I 6 cr.

Year Four (Professional Years)

SWRK 4106 Social Work Practice with Groups 3 cr.
SWRK 4206 Social Work Research 3 cr.
SWRK 4306 Aboriginal Wellness 3 cr.
SWRK 4316 Aboriginal Child Welfare 3 cr.
SWRK 4706 Risk, Resilience and Complexity 3 cr.
SWRK 4716 Social Work Leadership 3 cr.
SWRK 4605 Field Practicum II 6 cr.
Six credits from the list of Social Work electives:  
SWRK 4416 Gerontological Social Work 3 cr.
SWRK 4426 Social Work with Children and Families 3 cr.
SWRK 4436 Social Work with Youth 3 cr.
SWRK 4446 Social Work with People with Disabilities 3 cr.
SWRK 4456 International Social Work 3 cr.
SWRK 4746 Social Work, Health and Well-Being 3 cr.

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