Human Rights

Minor in Human Rights

Graduation Requirements:

A Minor in Human Rights is available to students pursuing a program of study in a different discipline. Students will need to achieve a minimum 60% average in the 18 credits presented for the Minor in Human Rights. In addition to the requirements listed below, please refer to the Minor Requirements section.

Program Requirements:

Students must complete 18 credits at follows:

All of:

GEND 2187 International Human Rights 3 cr.
POLI 2107 Great Political Questions II 3 cr.
SWLF 3006 Social and Economic Justice 3 cr.

Nine Credits of:

ANTH 3027 Indigenous Peoples and the State 3 cr.
ANTH 3006 Anthropology of Development in the Canadian North 3 cr.
CRJS 1206 An Introduction to Canadian Law 3 cr.
CRJS 3086 Law and Society 3 cr.
CRJS 3416 Indigenous Legal Studies 3 cr.
GEND 2036 Environmental Justice 3 cr.
GEND 2057 Selected Topics in Human Rights and Social Justice 3 cr.
GEND 2067 HIV/AIDS: Health and Social Change 3 cr.
GEND 2086 Animal Rites 3 cr.
GEND 2147 Bodies, Borders, and Belonging 3 cr.
GEND 2157 Case Studies in Gender and the Law 3 cr.
GEND 2516 Violence, Race and Law 3 cr.
GEND 2526 Prisons, Race, & Gender 3 cr.
GEND 3036 Global Social Movements 3 cr.
GEND 3057 Selected Topics in Human Rights and Social Justice 3 cr.
GEND 3066 Invasion & Resistance 3 cr.
GEND 3127 Gender, Globalization and Human Rights 3 cr.
GEND 3137 Re-Imagining Globalization 3 cr.
GEND 3207 The United Nations and the Responsibility to Protect 3 cr.
GEND 3216 Testimony and Witness 3 cr.
GEND 3227 Justice after Atrocity 3 cr.
GEND 3357 The Opioid Crisis 3 cr.
HIST 3286 Taking Liberties: Human Rights in Canadian History 3 cr.
INDG 1005 Madjitang, in the Beginning... An Introduction to Native Studies 6 cr.
POLI 3256 Multiculturalism in Canada and the World 3 cr.
SWLF 2007 Poverty and Social Policy 3 cr.
SWLF 3166 Housing and Homelessness 3 cr.
SWLF 3506 Social Change for Social Justice 3 cr.
SWLF 3706 Crime, Wealth and Poverty 3 cr.
SWLF 3807 Social and Political Violence 3 cr.
UNIV 3006 Experiential Learning in Arts and Science 3 cr.


Special topics courses in any discipline approved by the Dean in consultation with faculty may also count toward the Human Rights Minor.

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