Aboriginal Classroom Assistant

Indigenous Classroom Assistant Diploma Program

Graduation Requirements:

To graduate with an Indigenous Classroom Assistant Diploma Program, students must:

a) Satisfy all of the stated requirements for the diploma;
b) Obtain a grade of SAT in all practicum sessions;
c) Complete all courses with a minimum of 60%; and,
d) Complete all stated requirements within four years from the start date.

Program Requirements:

The program is open to persons for the purpose of preparing them as Classroom Assistants.  Students must successfully complete 36 credits as follows:

Year 1
EDUC 1010 ACADP Practicum I 3 cr.
EDUC 1023 Introduction to Literacy Strategies 2.5 cr.
EDUC 1124 Introduction to Numeracy Strategies 2.5 cr.
EDUC 1034 Introduction to Canadian Indigenous Studies 2.5 cr.
EDUC 1043 Child Development 2.5 cr.
EDUC 1063 Information Technology in Classrooms 2.5 cr.
EDUC 2012 Working with Indigenous Children with Special Needs I 2.5 cr.
Year 2*
EDUC 2010 ACADP Practicum II 3 cr.
EDUC 2023 Literacy Strategies II 2.5 cr.
EDUC 2033 Healthy Active Living Strategies for Indigenous Students 2.5 cr.
EDUC 2034 Indigenous Children’s Health and Wellbeing 2.5 cr.
EDUC 2043 Language Arts Strategies 2.5 cr.
EDUC 2124 Numeracy Strategies II 2.5 cr.
EDUC 3012 Working with Indigenous Children with Special Needs II 2.5 cr.


*Students must successfully pass all of the Year 1 courses before proceeding to Year 2 in the program.

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